New Music Sunday! Vol 3- A.A. Bondy, As Tall As Lions, Jason Diaz, Justin Townes Earle

A.A. Bondy-

A.A. Bondy is blessed with the talent of taking the age old guitar and harmonica duo and breathing new life into it. While his lyrics match those of another famous guitar and harmonica wielding folkster, Bob Dylan, his voice is much less scratchy, warm and endearing.  He’s got a new record out as well, which shows he has a knack for arrangements, something Bob Dylan didn’t really flesh out.  His voice rings out against the dark moody instruments in the background and its hard to shake his warm spirit.  Troubadour say some,  but he seems to possess a depth beyond labels.

American Hearts

When the Devil’s Loose

There’s  A Reason

Witness  Blues

Hey Preacher

Black Rain, Black Rain

The Mightiest of Guns

I Can See the Pines are Dancing

As Tall As Lions-

As Tall As Lions is a group that thrives in its technical ability, its crazy modern arrangements, and its talented high register singer.  It would not be a stretch to compare them to Radiohead, nor an insult to either.  Beautiful these melodies are, derivative they are not.   The moods this band is able to create with each different song is remarkable and reason enough to listen


Sleepyhead (acoustic version)

Love, Love, Love (Love, Love)

Song for Luna

Jason Diaz-

I heard Jason Diaz on a music blog site, unsure at first of what his particular talent was until he opened his mouth.  Soulful, stunning, and absolutely exquisite, Jason Diaz’s voice can be a little too moving sometimes,  but the biggest highlight here is Foresaken which melds his croon with great jazz piano and guitar that seems like its right out of the Hendrix songbook, its an odd trifecta to be sure but one not to be missed out on.

Pleasure in Pain


Take Me or Leave Me

The Prodigal (Sweet Caroline)

Unholiest War

When You Lay Down Your Life

Justin Townes Earle-

Now, the one genre I have generally had no respect for is country.  It’s easy to hate on and make fun of since it is such a pigeonholed genre with little variation involved.  It seemed Justin Townes Earle would not fall far from the tree.  His father Steve Earle had already been a famous country singer and he seemed fated to fall in his footsteps.  Yet with Midnight At the Movies, his latest album, he manages to break free from the mold, he lets the style breathe with his simple arrangements and his voice has a slight twang that doesn’t overpower his singing abilities.

What I Mean To You

Poor Fool

Can’t Hardly Wait

The Ghost of Virginia


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