Song(s) of the Day: Daydreaming, Me Me Me, Middle Brother, Middle Brother


Me Me Me

Middle Brother

Its a rare day indeed when one finds the collective “supergroup” a ubiquitous term in music. Sure there was Cream, and Led Zeppelin, both groups who’s collective work seemed to surpass their prior musical experiences. Then too, there was the Traveling Wilburys whose mission seemed to just have fun with music and not worry about the superpowers that made up the group.  Toeing the line between these two groups is the newly formed Middle Brother, whose members include John J McCauley III (the main singer and songwriter) of Deer Tick with his trademark rasp, Taylor Goldsmith (also the main singer and songwriter) of Dawes and Matt Vasquez (who is again the main singer songwriter) of Delta Spirit.  Their debut album release is pure roots rock with some Nashville and alt country thrown in to boot.  All three are capable emotional singers in their own right, and each member brings a new feeling to the song that they sing.  Much like the Traveling Wilburys they aren’t trying to take the world by storm here, just a bunch of friends making good music, with talents equal to any supergroup out there. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy some music that brings you back to a simpler time in rock music. The downloads after the jump.

Daydreaming- Middle Brother


Me Me Me- Middle Brother


Middle Brother- Middle Brother


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