Upon listening most people would compare this band to contemporaries like The Felice or The Avett Brothers, yet The Rosewood Thieves are of the talent where they deserve their own recognition.  The lead singer is blessed with a voice that sounds like the child of Bob Dylan and John Lennon, raspy, nasally but ultimately tuneful, and the lyrical narrative of a woman doing wrong is full of quite fantastic imagery (the title should be a hint). Its a sight for the ears to see, It’s a warm invitation into the singer’s life, a bar type atmosphere and a timeless progression that sticks to your head the moment you hear it.  If you like it head on over to Art of the Mixtape to download the thing.

Art of the Song :The Rosewood Thieves “A Bullet Painted Red” Lonesome EP

Head on over to Art of the Song for the song of the day, “A Bullet Painted Red” by the Rosewood Thieves, complete with a write up and artwork.  If you like it come back over here and download it (right click/ save target as) after the jump.

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White Denim has made use of the new business side of music, that is, they’ve produced an album (Last Day of Summer) that is entirely for free (though donations are accepted) and chock full of good songs in support of their upcoming full length.  The clarity and melody of their song craft, especially on this number “New Coat”, the album ender, is exemplary of a great summery album. The melody comes off a lot like McCartney’s early solo work (McCartney, Ram) but with no lyrical fallout, just a great pop song. Head on over to Art of the Mixtape if you want to download the song. 

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Most people would not associate the word talented with the sport NASCAR unless they would want to recognize the achievement of it despite the fact, as some uplifting tale.  NASCAR also does not connote any sort of musical skill whatsoever.  So the result of this debut EP Horse Power by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (who has no relation or affiliation to Dale Earnhardt Jr. of NASCAR) is perhaps made more charming by the simple fact the results have little bearing on the actual sport itself.  The tongue-in-cheek naming of it all is very misleading, for this little duo of a band is actually quite talented, and quite musical.  “Simple Girl” itself deserves no less than a full Wes Anderson film to surround it. Its very Royal Tennenbaums; mixed with Coconut Records and Simon Garfunkel, one of the brightest, quite disarmingly summery songs you’ll ever hear, from a band that is surely going to make it big.