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“Shoegaze”, Sound and Color, Alabama Shakes

It wasn’t too long ago when Alabama Shakes crashed onto the scene with their Stax Records sound that was perfectly pressed onto their EP like a diamond in the rough lost amongst some O.V. Wright 45s.  It was perfect timing, as the whole retro-rock movement was at its peak, running the gamut from acts like […]

Snapshots: Anna (Go To Him), Please Please Me

It’s often that The Beatles are given the label of saving rock and roll, and usually that’s for overblown reasons. Yes, they were incredibly creative, fully embraced technical advancements and managed to propel popular music into a more advanced form.  However, it’s perhaps most important that they always had their own particular identity. Early rock […]

Classic Albums: My Aim Is True, Elvis Costello (1977)

Elvis Costello’s debut LP occupies an intriguing space in the classic rock narrative, by many accounts, it’s prototypical New Wave at the genre’s finest, but such distinction also ameliorates Costello’s defining portrait, sacrificing the teeth of Costello’s anger as merely sign of the times, a succinct songwriter who championed a form.Yet Costello’s educated social frustration […]