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“Mama gave her camera to her little star/ All she gets is pictures of hotels and bars /No Big Ben, no Statue of Liberty/ Loose women and one night stands/ Kinda wish I wasn’t living in other peoples hands/ No control, no lack of shit for free”                 […]

“Lesson For You Kid” reminds me of The Beatles, more specifically it reminds me of the explanation John Lennon gave for their song “Please Please Me”  "I was always intrigued by the words of ‘Please, lend me your little ears to my pleas’ – a Bing Crosby song. I was always intrigued by the double […]

A shifting-sway of a rhythm is what will catch your ears first on Trent Dabbs “Keep Me Young”, a song off of his latest LP, Southerner.  What you will not find is the typical warm crunchy riffs of southern rock, despite the tongue-in-cheek “Neil Young”.  The arrangement here is quite engaging, with a soft pulse […]

James Vincent McMorrow is a Irish singer-songwriter whose Early in the Morning  album is full of the hushed intimacy that brought the inevitable comparisons to Bon Iver’s debut album (he even locked himself away for 6 months, though this time in a cabin by the seaside) but McMorrow sticks to a more organic arrangement. While […]

I could say that for a man of 24 years, Blake Mills is wise beyond his age. I could say that the guitar work on here is exemplary of what he has to offer the world, filled with warmth and character and more interesting than many guitarists double his age. I could note that this […]

“Let There Be Horses” is the album ender from The Barr Brothers self titled debut record, which came out in late September of this year on Secret City Records. Though they fit into the all encompassing genre of Americana, The Barr Brothers keep it interesting with the instruments the members play ranging from hammer dulcimer […]

Usually, I try to at least give some detail into the songs I choose to put on here, but Boy & Bear’s “Big Man” is a song whose lyrics speak for itself.  For those of you who have been craving more Mumford & Sons, and still are in love with Bruce Springsteen, this piece is […]