“Lost in the Light” is the gorgeous slow-burn album opener off of Bahamas Barchords which belies the complexity that presents itself in the album. Here though, a golden smolder of a guitar line guides the melody along before it becomes transformed by a pitch perfect choral vocal and rumbling piano lines. But mark my words, you’ll be sold before he even says his first word. 

As a bonus, I’m also including “Caught Me Thinking”, the song that follows on the album. I’ll be damned if i will hear another better guitar song this year. This song has hips. Download both below.

Lost In The Light- Bahamas

Caught Me Thinking- Bahamas

Barchords, the sophomore effort of Bahamas, was released February 7th, 2012 on Brushfire Records.

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“Fine Time” is the album’s steller track (only because “Pressure Drop” is a cover) with a false start and Palmer’s vocal count in starting this absolutely burning groove. While the tempo may be slower, the band matches the intensity of the arrangement on “Sneakin’ Sally Through the Alley” with every player in top form, like coals on the fire, constantly smoldering,  the organ coming to a peak with a great solo while the funky rhythm section (the drums are a highlight here) never trying to steal the spotlight. It’s truly Palmer’s vocal performance however, that turns this song into a classic, swooping in and out of the arrangement, not only holding down the groove but taking it to new heights. If you loved Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley, this is a must have. Check out the full post on Robert Palmer’s Pressure Drop  here and download “Fine Time” and “Trouble” as a bonus below.

Fine Time- Robert Palmer

Trouble- Robert Palmer

“Sneakin’ Sally Through The Alley" is an absolute must hear, and not just for the seamless transition back to the Meters and Lowell George backed band, but for the vocal workout that Palmer puts into this Toussaint cover.  Palmer completely owns this track, his vocal coaxes and growls propelling the band to stratospheric energy and dynamic interplay.  Anyone who is a fan of music should listen to this song, it’s one of the few things Phish did right in bringing attention to a whole new world of fans, but they will never match this groove.

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“Mama gave her camera to her little star/ All she gets is pictures of hotels and bars /No Big Ben, no Statue of Liberty/ Loose women and one night stands/ Kinda wish I wasn’t living in other peoples hands/ No control, no lack of shit for free”

                                                                               Middle Brother-Mom and Dad

This straight forward rocker is tucked in near the end of Middle Brother’s self-titled debut and owes a lot to the John Lennon confessional songwriting style, even riffing off of the chord progression for “God” which fittingly contrasts the narrative of lossless debauchery. Lennon’s message was “I believe in Me” while John McCauley’s storyteller wishes he hadn’t.  Yet Middle Brother is an album meant to detail all the slip-ups, to soak up all the drunk-sod stories left at a bar by the nights end. If anything, McCauley, Goldsmith, and Vasquez know that life is what happens in media res, and make no doubt about it, “Mom and Dad” is an excellent rock song, check out the download below. 

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Mom and Dad- Middle Brother

“Mom and Dad” is off of Middle Brother’s ‘Middle Brother’ released March 1st of 2011 by Partisan Records.