A mix of sorts

This isn’t really full of new stuff, mostly old heard of stuff, but i like the way they mesh together, unfortunately Tomorrow Night is not working


1. Trains to Brazil– Guillemots

Absolutely beautifully crafted and sung, this song is a great starter with its chugging rhythm that illustrates the title perfectly, and the horn arrangement manages to be both vivid and mournful at the same time.

2.  Tomorrow Night- G. Love & Special Sauce

This is a song you have to check out for yourself, unfortunately i could not find an unpurchased version of it.  Its a mellow blues with a great hook and works perfectly with the ending of Trains to Brazil

3.  I’ve Got You Under My Skin– Frank Sinatra

Some say Frank Sinatra can be too schmaltzy in how he delivers a song or how its arranged.  However, listening to this song you can really feel he means what he’s singing, and it sounds like every man could sing it but when they try they can’t, he’s the man with the golden voice and this is one of his most powerful songs.

4.  Too Darn Hot– Ella Fitzgerald

Cole Porter was well known for getting a certain kind of flashy zing from his arrangements, a brassy, colorful arrangement and who better to deliver his lines than one of the best women vocalists of all time Ella Fitzgerald

5. From– Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog strikes its fans as a band of many talents, a sort of Spoon meets retro psychedelia.  This track From may have you feeling as if they’ve ripped off Here, There, and Everywhere, but its a beautiful song in its own right and yes, they do have the harmonies that made The Beatles famous.

6.  Easy to Slip– Little Feat

A neat little number that most will recognize (it’s a classic rock standard) but not many would have known the band behind it to be Little Feat.  Usually known for their more funky new orleans rhythm, its a nice little side track to what you’d usually expect them to play.

7.   That Was A Crazy Game of Poker– O.A.R.

Remember when everybody was absolutely crazy about O.A.R.? I hope this song at least makes you remember why

8.  Hang On– Dr. Dog

Beautiful song, absolutely perfectly built up from the beginning piano chords to The Band like delivery to the soulful harmonies, if you didn’t know of this band before now, you will love them.

9.  Let’s Do It (Let’s Fall In Love)– Ella Fitzgerald

Classic song, and what man could resist the charm of a woman singing this.  Cole Porters lyrics are very tongue and cheek.

10.  Here Comes the Sun– Richie Havens

Richie Havens usually is known to people as the guy who happened to open Woodstock but he deserves far more recognition than that.  Not only born with a unique voice and playing style, his adaptations of other individuals songs sound almost better in his hands than in theirs.  Here Comes the Sun is one of the better ones he does

11.  Anything Goes– Count Basie Orchestra

Usually I consider Tony Bennett really cheesy and a poor mans Frank Sinatra but somehow he really pulls it together in this song, and how could you go wrong with the Count Basie Orchestra.

12.  Trains to Brazil (acoustic)– Guillemots

Don’t skip this because its the same song, listen to how the mood changes everything, sometimes there is never something more pure than a person singing playing guitar.

Yes I have the same song twice but the versions are quite different and both beautiful in their own ways.


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