That hot new thing called Switch

Here’s a little sampler of whats new with me and music these days

This Needs no caption
This Needs no caption

We’re A Winner- Curtis Mayfield

We’re A Winner- The Impressions

Damn right, we are all winners, and listening to this track, how could you not feel that way, a great tight groove by the drummer and bassist and some great guitar and vocal work to go along with it.  I feel that Curtis Mayfield is highly underrated for most of his musical output, and if you haven’t heard Curtis/Live then get it, i don’t care how.

Crown City Rockers

Mr. Cheese himself
Mr. Cheese himself

Drift Away- Dj erb/ George Benson/ Crown City Rockers

Who knew Mr. sell out 70’s cheesemaster George Benson could serve up a great backing track for a great rapping performance.  Crown City Rockers are underappreciated as well and if this track doesn’t already win you over, check out Another Day (Rhyme Writing) with Gift of Gab guest starring, these two tracks are hot and Dj erb might just be the best unknown mashup dj out there.

Hey look, a movie star that can rapDj erb
Hey look, a movie star that can rap

Getting Jiggy With It- Will Smith

The Last Disco in Dover- DJ erb/ Will Smith

It’s summer, or at least its starting to be and I’ll be damned if theres a better summertime good vibes song than Getting Jiggy With It, so what if he doesn’t swear he’s got the flow and the sample to back him up and who knew Nas actually ghost wrote it.  The Last Disco in Dover is Switch, only remixed with a whole better sample that I thought the original lacked.  Once again DJ erb is coming up with the great mashup.

bill withers live cover

I Can’t Write Left Handed- Bill Withers

Now don’t just discount Bill Withers as the man who wrote Ain’t No Sunshine and Use Me and the schmaltzy Just the Two of Us, the man could write music and was humble to boot.  I Can’t Write Left handed is perfect for a rainy day, taken from his Live at Carnegie Hall Double LP (which comes highly recommended) the piano hits you first, then the story, and you thought you had heard it all about Vietnam.

Man's a pimp, just look at the name
Man's a pimp, just look at the name

Groove Me- King Floyd

Just another great warm summer track, a great vocal performance and that bass line just sticks with you.  If you can’t feel anything from this track, seek help.

Sam Cooke

Blowin’ in the Wind- Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke was a talented musician,  whether it be singing, writing or interpreting others songs to fit his own style.  He would later remark that it was this song that inspired him to write his penultimate “A Change is Gonna Come” after being so moved that a white man could write a protest song so powerful.  His respect and love for this song shines through in this live cover, taken from his Live at the Copacabana LP.

Enjoy, sorry about the wait


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