Curtis/Live Full Album

I mentioned the song We’re A Winner in a previous post from this great live LP, well do too the fact its not so easy to find anymore I am posting the full album, it’s above and beyond one of the greatest live recordings in history.


1.Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)- Curtis Mayfield

2.Rap- Curtis Mayfield

3.I Plan to Stay a Believer- Curtis Mayfield

4.We’re A Winner- Curtis Mayfield

5.Rap- Curtis Mayfield

6.We’ve Only Just Begun- Curtis Mayfield

7.People Get Ready-  Curtis Mayfield

8.Rap- Curtis Mayfield

9.Stare and Stare- Curtis Mayfield

10.Check Out Your Mind- Curtis Mayfield

11.Gypsy Woman- Curtis Mayfield

12.The Making of You- Curtis Mayfield

13.Rap- Curtis Mayfield

14.We Are the People Who Are Darker than Blue- Curtis Mayfield

15.(Don’t Worry) If There’s A Hell Below We’re All Going to Go- Curtis Mayfield

16.Stone Junkie- Curtis Mayfield

17.Superfly- Curtis Mayfield

18.Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey) (2)- Curtis Mayfield

This album is taken from a live concert at the Bitter End, one of the best music clubs in the village at its time.  They played two nights, though everything through (Don’t Worry) was taken from the first night.  Stone Junkie and Mighty Mighty (2) were the second night, and Superfly was another live concert all togther.

Stand Out Tracks-
We’re A Winner

Gypsy Woman

Mighty Mighty (both)

The Making of You

and I haven’t even listened to the full album yet.  The raps are not exactly that, its more just the dialogue taken from in between songs but it does nicely to complete the vibe.  The only duds, if you could call them that would be Superfly, because it is a whole different concert vibe, and We’ve Only Just Begun, which is a poor choice of a cover.  The rest are golden.  There’s a certain intimacy Curtis Mayfield creates with the audience that you feel like you are sitting front row at the concert.  Close your eyes and take yourself back to a cold night in 1971, with music warmer than a nice fire.


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