and etc..

First up, an awesome danceable remix of Wouldn’t It Be Nice by the Beach Boys, done by the Girls Can Hear Us

Wouldn’t It Be Nice (The Girls Can’t Hear Us Remix)

also Jay-Z’s new album leaked, The Blueprint 3.  I can’t say I like most of it, but this is the best track I’ve heard so far.  I didn’t know Kid Cudi could actually sing, and if he can’t thats the most natural sounding vocoder in history

Already Home (ft. Kid Cudi)

Another track from last posts bonus artist, Kings of Convenience, this is yet another catchy guitar piano driven melody with great backing vocals from Feist

Love is No Big Truth

a live cover of Snoops classic Gin and Juice from the hip-hop blues specialists G. Love and Special Sauce, more smokey than the original if you could imagine it

Gin and Juice

thats it for now i’ll be sure to bring you more stuff in the future


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