New Music Sunday- Temper Trap, Rosewood Thieves, The Union Line, Bishop Allen, Army Navy

Three new bands for all of you out there to check out today.  The radio sometimes makes me want to give up on music but here are three bands that are keeping it fresh and yet remind you of all those good old bands that we used to remember when it was talent and originality that dominated the airwaves instead of vocoder hooks.

Temper Trap-

Temper Trap reminds me of a lot of things, they’ve got the energy that British imports like the Arctic Monkeys and the Kooks featured before them, as well as a taste for beautiful slow ballads and feature a vocalist more similar to Thom Yorke of Radiohead than the brash aforementioned brethren, low praise this is not.

Soldier On

a slower style ballad of theirs, beautiful singing

Sweet Disposition

flashes of Radiohead, The Cure, and a little of U2


heres that energy i was talking about


more of that Thom Yorke touch, with a melody thats hard to beat

Rosewood Thieves-

I don’t remember how exactly I heard of this band, but I’m sure glad I did.  Similarities abound between this group and famous rock heroes such as John Lennon and Bob Dylan.  In fact many times I’ve been asked  by Bob Dylan fans if this band is indeed Bob Dylan.  Great Melodies, great songwriting and great influences.

Murder Ballad in G Minor

basic arrangement of acoustic guitars and acoustic percussion, the story is among the best dylan could have dreamed up.

Bullet Painted Red

A song that feels like an age old drinking tune, about adultery and featuring the chorus.  Down at the tavern, where the drinks they taste just like fire, I told you I loved you and you kissed my lips like a liar. Sometimes the best melodies are the most simple ones, and this one sticks with you.

Junkyard Julie

This song is pure Bob Dylan delivered with the intensity and sarcasm worthy of John Lennon.

When My Plane Lands

Great piano and guitar interplay, another Bob Dylan meets Lennon song.  Intensity in the delivery and a nice hook.

The Union Line-

As much as simple arrangements work best for some, The Union Line doesn’t pride itself on following basics. With a singer similar to the likes of Modest Mouse, they manage to be just as different yet better with hooks.  Great taste in arrangements is their signature and its a treat to listen to their songs develop, this is really a band to watch.  They sound experienced beyond what their one album discography would suggest.

Gold Mine


Rich Man’s Tune


Wishing Well

Bishop Allen-

I first heard this band in the movie Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist which featured a strong soundtrack and a good story but I feel Adventureland tops it in pure awkward feel and accuracy.  Nevertheless I heard this band say we’re Bishop Allen before launching into a live version of Middle Management, and when the movie ended I felt like I had to check this band out, the results don’t disappoint, they feature textured arrangements that are unusual in an indie band.

Middle Management


The Same Fire


Things Are What You Make of Them

Army Navy-

Another band out of the Nick and Norah soundtrack.  This band has an eye for sweet melodies and a dynamic live sound and subtle harmonies that slip into their tracks from time to time, another band to keep an eye out for.

My Thin Sides


Snakes of Hawaii


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