Self promotion is never a good thing, in fact it comes off mostly as desperate and uncouth.  But I’m not promoting myself in this case, this next song is a cover of the National’s 90 mile water wall done by my brother, its pretty low fidelity but he recorded it on a mac just using the built in mic, still its very well done and i did some after the fact editing to try to bring out his vocal more and get more space on the lead guitar, see what you think

90 Mile Water Wall

This next track is off of an EP Spoon did in collaboration with Bright Eyes back in 2004 and typical of both bands its a great melody as well as great lyrics that drives this song about long distance love.

Let The Distance Keep Us Together

And lastly a great old school Motown track, This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You) by a very young Isley Brothers who would later be known for such songs as Who’s That Lady and providing the funky samples behind Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day and many other rap songs.  This song however is pure Motown, great melody, great vocals and lyrics focused on falling in love and finding it

This Old Heart of Mine ( Is Weak For You)


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