Baby Says Go On Say It, Dye The World: A Mixtape

It’s been quite a while since I last put something up on this here blog but now that school is over and summer is here, well lets just say there won’t be weeks in between posts anymore (I hope).  In celebration of being done and having free time once again, here is a good old mixtape chock full of music you might not have heard, and if you have you should listen again. As always, all the music here is free to download with the hopes that you go out and support these artists. The full mix after the jump.

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Hey Hey

A new one for you all, this is a light hearted good jams kind of mix

Robert Palmer-Addicted to Love

Suave meets power rock, awesome combination

Monsters of Folk- Say Please

This is a super group of Jim James, M. Ward, and Conor Oberst, Say Please is a Beatlesque tune, the guitar solo is a nice touch

The Shaky Hands- The Sleepless

Nice bouncy groove on this one, fans of Modest Mouse will like this one

My Morning Jacket- Golden

One of the prettiest acoustic melodies you will ever hear, if gold had a sound it would be this

The Dodos- Fables

Great melody and drumming on this one and the singing is in fine form too

Donovan Frankenreiter- These Arms

Just a nice light-hearted acoustic tune, nice touches with the organ

Geto Boys- Straight Gangstaism

I could swear Tupac was on this, great sample, great flow

Harper Blynn- Centrifugal Motion

It’s like E.L.O. and Billy Joel decided to have a musical baby and this was the result, catchy melody, great vocal performance and great bridge

Pete Willett- Something

Most of the time, Beatles covers are like heresy in my book, but the laconic way he delivers the lyrics brings the song to a different place, dreamy and wistful, perfectly conveying the feeling Harrison was getting at by not being sure.

Forest Fire- Fortune Teller

Great vocal performance, great arrangement, a new band that more people should know about

The Clash- Guns of Brixton

London Calling is a fantastic album for a number of songs, and this is one of the best, fantastic arrangement, snide vocals, a powerful song through and through

The Shaky Hands- Sunburns

Just a sunny day tune, a happy song, good backing harmonies and easy going arrangement

Liam Finn & Eliza Jane- Honest Face

Tight harmonies with a wild arrangement

The Generationals- When They Fight, They Fight

Great homage to beach boys/ motown girl group style, this song is amazingly catchy and it is hard to believe it was recorded this year

Portugal The Man- The Home

Oasis meets Dispatch, these guys have a great sense of dynamics and melody and they’re a pleasure to listen to

Pete and J- No More One More Chance

This song could easily have been straight out of the CSN &Y songbook, great acoustics and singing performance

Arcade Fire- Haiti

Very nicely done arrangement on this one

The Explorer’s Club- Do You Love Me

The Beach Boys 2.0, catchy, strong harmonies and a summer melody

The Dutchess and the Duke- Reservoir Park

Similar to House of the Rising Sun but good in its own right

Dean Martin- Gentle on My Mind

Great upbeat country arrangement and Dean Martin shows his considerable vocal chops on this one, this is a hard melody to get off your mind.


Self promotion is never a good thing, in fact it comes off mostly as desperate and uncouth.  But I’m not promoting myself in this case, this next song is a cover of the National’s 90 mile water wall done by my brother, its pretty low fidelity but he recorded it on a mac just using the built in mic, still its very well done and i did some after the fact editing to try to bring out his vocal more and get more space on the lead guitar, see what you think

90 Mile Water Wall

This next track is off of an EP Spoon did in collaboration with Bright Eyes back in 2004 and typical of both bands its a great melody as well as great lyrics that drives this song about long distance love.

Let The Distance Keep Us Together

And lastly a great old school Motown track, This Old Heart of Mine (Is Weak For You) by a very young Isley Brothers who would later be known for such songs as Who’s That Lady and providing the funky samples behind Ice Cube’s It Was A Good Day and many other rap songs.  This song however is pure Motown, great melody, great vocals and lyrics focused on falling in love and finding it

This Old Heart of Mine ( Is Weak For You)