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It’s been a while but Art of The Mixtape is back in action with a mixtape for these good old summer days whether its lying on a beach, grilling dinner, or just relaxing in your own home, these grooves should put you in the perfect mood for the summer months.  This mixtape features classics from […]

Small Stack Tuesdays

A new feature here on Art of the Mixtape is Small Stack Tuesdays, an ode to those good old 45’s and 78’s from back in the day.  The inaugural edition features a great duet from two unlikely sources as well some great other bands recent releases. Stay tuned and enjoy the music.

It is 5 AM…and You Are Listening to Los Angeles

In the annals of 90’s music, you might run across a band called Soul Coughing.  If you hadn’t heard the name before you’d be likely to shrug it off as some metal band that was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and probably wasn’t very good anyway. You’d be hard-pressed to find yourself […]