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Classic Albums: Revolver, The Beatles (1966)

One….Two….Three…Four…One…Two   It was April of 1966, and like Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a changin’.”  Dylan himself had just gone electric, The Vietnam war was expanding, and along with it, numerous counter-culture movements among the youth.  The Beatles had released their first “adult” album, Rubber Soul, barely five months prior, with music […]

Even today, The White Album, the double album that The Beatles released in the turbulence of 1968 has a particular resonance in the quality of its songwriting, never before or since would a Beatle album contain such biting social commentary or such a deluge of output in a wide variety of genres. Lost in the shuffle […]


It’s been a while but Art of The Mixtape is back in action with a mixtape for these good old summer days whether its lying on a beach, grilling dinner, or just relaxing in your own home, these grooves should put you in the perfect mood for the summer months.  This mixtape features classics from […]


Its time for a new mix, unfortunately I’ve been far too busy to remember to constantly update my site but i hope this makes up for it 1.  Black Like Me- Spoon Spoon to me is a band that perfectly captures the sound of the Beatles circa Revolver and the White Album.  Britt Daniels doesn’t […]