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Classic Albums: Revolver, The Beatles (1966)

One….Two….Three…Four…One…Two   It was April of 1966, and like Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a changin’.”  Dylan himself had just gone electric, The Vietnam war was expanding, and along with it, numerous counter-culture movements among the youth.  The Beatles had released their first “adult” album, Rubber Soul, barely five months prior, with music […]

I could say that for a man of 24 years, Blake Mills is wise beyond his age. I could say that the guitar work on here is exemplary of what he has to offer the world, filled with warmth and character and more interesting than many guitarists double his age. I could note that this […]

Real Love

The Beatles- Real Love When The Beatles came together for the Anthology series it was easy to assume it was just another cash in (after all the band had been gone 25 years and Apple was still making money off their one band, and they still are).  Real Love was the second Lennon demo that […]

Mixtape Monday: Theme #1: Escapism

As I’ve been awfully bad at updating this old blog of mine for the past couple weeks I’ve decided to start a new kind of weekly post, a mixtape not dedicated to showcasing new artists all the time, but getting back to the roots of what a mixtape meant, which is to hold a theme […]

After hours

Last call for drinks everybody pull up a chair, this mix is for those late nights whether you’re alone in a bar or in a haze or just wanting to be whisked away by the power of music, enjoy Drunk Hearted Boy The Allman Brothers at their boozy, wistful best Tears Dry On Their Own […]