I could say that for a man of 24 years, Blake Mills is wise beyond his age. I could say that the guitar work on here is exemplary of what he has to offer the world, filled with warmth and character and more interesting than many guitarists double his age. I could note that this intriguing pick of a cover, “Heart of Mine” from Bob Dylan’s ‘Shot of Love’ period echoes his confidence as a performer.  

He may not have all the commercial credit he deserves, but to any artist he’s on the top of their list, from touring mate Lucinda Williams, to Dawes, even Jackson Browne have been proud to share a stage with him. 

Chimes of Freedom, the Amnesty International tribute album composed of Bob Dylan songs, could thrive on the strength of this number alone amongst 75 other compositions, and we’re all the better for it.

Check out the free download below

“Heart of Mine” is on the upcoming Amnesty International tribute album, due for release on January 24th

Heart of Mine- Blake Mills and Danielle Haim


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