James Vincent McMorrow is a Irish singer-songwriter whose Early in the Morning  album is full of the hushed intimacy that brought the inevitable comparisons to Bon Iver’s debut album (he even locked himself away for 6 months, though this time in a cabin by the seaside) but McMorrow sticks to a more organic arrangement. While Bon Iver’s vocal arrangement’s bordered on ethereal, McMorrow’s gorgeous twists and turns have the organic tenacity of an R&B soul man(he modeled his vocal stylings after Donny Hathaway, a man too few know) .  "This Old Dark Machine" boasts a great melody that could easily have been a Fleet Foxes or Mumford and Sons arrangement, but McMorrow wins the audience over with his sheer honesty. If it was all a marketing ploy, I’ve rarely seen it better disguised.

Check out the free download below

“This Old Dark Machine"  is the sixth track on James Vincent McMorrow’s debut album Early in the Morning.

This Old Dark Machine- James Vincent McMorrow


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