A shifting-sway of a rhythm is what will catch your ears first on Trent Dabbs “Keep Me Young”, a song off of his latest LP, Southerner.  What you will not find is the typical warm crunchy riffs of southern rock, despite the tongue-in-cheek “Neil Young”.  The arrangement here is quite engaging, with a soft pulse of percussion, and some rather gorgeous and golden guitar work drifiting among lingering harmonies.  "What was I looking for/ cause’ it was you that keeps me young" It’s a love song, but not for any one in particular and a rather perfect track off of a under-appreciated album of 2011. Check out the download below.

Keep Me Young- Trent Dabbs

“Keep Me Young” was on Trent Dabbs’ latest album Southerner , released by Ready Set Records  on September 13th, 2011.

As a bonus, check out the acoustic ballad “Me & God”, a Josh Ritteresque tune.

Me & God- Trent Dabbs


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