Kudos to Will Oliver of the always fantastic music blog We All Want Someone To Shout For  for bringing this new A.C. Newman song to my attention.  A song off of his upcoming album, Shut Down The Streets (Out October 9th on Matador Records), “Encylcopedia of Classic Takedowns” buzzes with a Danger Mouse-esque production (think Brothers, his fantastic collaboration with The Black Keys) with vocals that waver between Phil Lynott braggadocio and Zero 7’s clever male-female harmonizing supplied by (bandmate in New Pornagraphers) Neko Case. Definitely a shot in the arm for your 2012 record collection. Plus, what a title. “I’m Not Talking” slows things down a bit, but features a beautiful horn melody and an expansive arrangement that keeps the moody synths floating in the background while instruments swirl in and out of the Wall of Sound production.

Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns – A.C. Newman

I’m Not Talking – A.C. Newman

Pre-order the album over at Matador Records


Doin’ It Right In The Land of 1000 Dances, A Mixtape

Art of the Song presents Doin’ It Right In The Land of 1000 Dances, a free mix for your downloading pleasure! Perfectly calibrated to get those hips shakin’ and feet tappin’, play this on your speakers and get ready to dance the night away!  If you’re feeling lucky, just click the picture for the download, or wait til after the tracklisting to click the link below. 

Please note that it’s a zip file, and won’t have the proper track order, but if you put all the songs on your itunes, then click the Doin’ It Right In The Land of 1000 Dances.m3u file, iTunes does the work for you. Now that’s what I call Doin’ It Right!

Doin’ It Right In The Land of 1000 Dances :

1. Hang Fire – The Rolling Stones
2. Coming Back to Me Baby – James Carr
3. Pressure Drop – Robert Palmer
4. Keep On Movin’ – King Tuff
5. Doin’ It, Right – Cheers Elephant
6. Hit and Miss – The Tins
7. 100 Yard Dash – Raphael Saadiq
8. Black Snake – Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
9. Soulless- Fake Problems
10. I’ve Got To Convince Myself – Allen Toussaint
11. Morning Crimes – Theme Park
12. Caught Me Thinkin’ – Bahamas
13. Fantasized – Robert Cray
14. Happy Pills – Norah Jones
15. Land Of 1000 Dances – Wilson Pickett
16. Shotgun – Jr. Walker & The All-Stars
17. Ophelia (from The Last Waltz) – The Band
18. Act Nice & Gentle – The Black Keys
19. The Night Before – The Beatles
20. Please Be It – The Generationals
21. Hold On! I’m Comin’ – B.B. King & Eric Clapton 

Doin’ It Right In The Land of 1000 Dances.zip 

A lost classic (and a Kinks cover to boot) off of one of the Akron duo’s best efforts Rubber Factory, “Act Nice & Gentle” combines the groups hard hitting blues edge with a sunny 60’s vibe. One of the sweeter songs in their entire catalogue, it’s certainly helped along by Dan Auerbach’s vocal mimicry guitar leads and Carney’s not so subtle swagger.

Act Nice & Gentle – The Black Keys 

Check out this new Black Keys track from their upcoming album El Camino. “Sister” is a no-holds barred rocker that would just as easily fit into The Rolling Stones re-release of Some Girls with some great in the pocket drumming by Carney. Keith Richards, I mean, Dan Auerbach leads the song with some great rhythm guitar work and one of the best hooks that The Black Key’s have had in a while. El Camino will certainly be among the top albums released this year and “Sister” will be one of the standout tracks. The download is below, but do yourself a favor and buy the whole album when it drops next week.

Sister- The Black Keys