Is it Rolling Bob? Odds and Ends

Meanwhile, Rick James… – Cake

What I love about Cake is their tasteful guitar riffing, bubbly bass, and creative arrangements, this song has all three.

I Wonder Who We Are- The Clientele

Cake meets Dark Side of the Moon era Pink Floyd and who knew it would sound so good, good instrumentation too.

Cry Baby Cry-The Beatles

For a Beatles album, the White Album has seemed to have gained the most traction from age, the albums disjointed sounds have only proved to be better and better after repeated listens.  This song is just drenched in the iconic Beatles studio prowess and it just sounds crunchy, in an edible sort of way.

Wah-Wah- George Harrison

Unbeknownst to some, George Harrison could come up with the catchy riff or two from time to time, and pretty much that’s all Wah-Wah is, but that shouldn’t detract from its downright likeability.  This version is taken from the remastered Concert for Bangladesh and free of its wall of sound production its got a great groove.  Plus the band is in great form, after all any band that includes George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Eric Clapton, Billy Preston, Klaus Voorman (long time Beatles friend and John Lennon’s  go-to bassist during his solo career) and Jim Keltner (one of the best session drummers around) is bound to have great results.

I’d Have You Anytime- George Harrison

The guitar is beautifully understated here, with a great intro and chord progression.  The opening track from All Things Must pass, the song was co-written by Bob Dylan and George Harrison, Dylan the lyrics, Harrison the music, the result is perfect.

You’re Gonna Lose That Girl-The Beatles

By the time Help had come out the Beatles were at the top of the world in popularity, and their progression as pop musicians was only getting better, You’re Gonna Lose That Girl is insatiably catchy with gorgeous harmonies, sly lyrics and a great lead vocal performance by John, and the production is glorious in its shiny pop sheen.

Another Girl- The Beatles

Whats surprising looking back at Help is how mature they sounded, Paul sounds older and more gritty here than he does for the rest of his Beatles career, the song itself is just a catchy fun little number with tight harmonies and great lead guitar work by Paul himself.

Baby You’re A Rich Man- The Beatles

I first fell in love with this song because of the bass playing,  the chking intro that blooms into one of McCartneys greatly underrated chromatic basslines.  The lyrical message is sound too, appearances aren’t everything, its what you have inside.

If Not For You- George Harrison

Another song from All Things Must Pass, this time George Harrison beautifully reworks a Bob Dylan classic, great slide work and vocal performance, George Harrison made no secrets about his admiration and respect for Dylan’s music and this is a touching and tastefully done cover.

It Takes A Lot to Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry- Bob Dylan

This is a live version taken from The Concert for Bangladesh coming at a time where Bob Dylan live performances were few and far between, George Harrison managed to get him to make an appearance at this historic benefit concert and he steals the show, the band takes a back seat in reverence to the rock and roll royalty before them.

Finer Feelings- Spoon

The production, the guitar melody and chorus on this song are immaculate and beautifully done, Spoon is the indie rock Radiohead, each album getting more complex in production and yet catchy and listenable, which is why I’m really looking forward to Transference, due out around January 18th.

You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb- Spoon

Featuring a New Wave meets Motown stylized arrangement, this song sums up Spoon perfectly; great melody, production, and a very danceable rhythm.

Throw It All Away- Zero 7

These guys became indie rock darlings after their song In the Waiting Line was featured on the Garden State soundtrack,  while that song managed to capture the sterelized cold mood perfectly, Throw It All Away is a song that brings a summer state of mind with it.  Great production and a interesting harmony where the woman is singing the low and the man the high end, tasteful instrumentation as well.

I Shall Be Released- The Slackers

Poor Bob Dylan, as prolific as a songwriter that he is, many of his songs are taken to greater and higher levels by bands who decide to cover them.  I Shall Be Released is given a ska reworking here and it sounds completely natural, not forced and the harmonies are beautifully done.

It Don’t Come Easy- Ringo Starr

Another song taken from The Concert for Bangladesh, the band is in high energy here and Ringo pulls off a surprisingly good vocal performance while bashing away at the drums, and although it ends up he didn’t write the song (Harrison did, and it has his fingerprints all over it) no one could have sung it or symbolized it better than Ringo.

Love Minus Zero/ No Limit- Bob Dylan

Another great live version from The Concert for Bangladesh.

Set the Girl Free- The Slackers

Featuring a Motown backbeat and a inspired live vocal performance, (the vocals were recorded at a live show, the instruments at the studio), this song is a great all around band performance.

What Went Wrong- The Slackers

The only thing I don’t like about this song is the first 5 seconds, the rest of it is amazingly done,  the song just builds and builds and the melody and vocal performance, as well as the horns on the bridge, are fantastic.

Take Me Out of the City- Dawes

The vocal harmonies are the highlight here and its a perfect end of the night song, sounding like its being played in your living room.


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