Hey remember Jack Johnson?! The dude who took laid back surfer style music by storm? Of course you do.  The man has his critics, often likened to “every song of his sounds the same” and I’ll admit its easy to jump on the critiquing a popular musician bandwagon, if only to convey a sense of musical knowledge, i.e. “You like him, well you should check out (insert unknown indie band here) they’re a lot better and they haven’t sold out.  Everyone loves to find a diamond in the rough.  However, Jack Johnson is different, though he does often rely on his mellow style, he cultivated that sound, and created his own record label way before it became the thing to do.  This song, Losing Keys features a perfect laid back arrangement and some beautiful guitar lines. Its like a sunset on a beach, a late afternoon by the pool, or just all those sweet summer memories that are springing to mind with this beautiful weather.  The lyrics are strong, and the harmonizing with the guitar in the chorus is undeniably ear candy. 

Like the song? download it over at Art of the Mixtape


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