Song of the Day: You’re Already Gone, The Dig

A Brooklyn based band by way of California and Canada actually got its name from a local colloquialism while in college in Boston, The Big Dig, which was a an ill planned vast piece of construction that lasted for the better part of 10 years.  Fortunately The Dig dropped the Big and they’ve put out a very solid yet underrated second album, Electric Toys.  “You’re Already Gone” finds itself in best of The Strokes territory, hijacking their urbanite punk derived rhythms into something enjoyable, comforting in its familiarity and yet exciting in its unique take.

While the lead singer possesses a Casablancas like vocal, The Dig breaches into darker songwriting territory with other songs such as “Two Sisters In Love”, which is probably the most enjoyable piece of incest-murder you’ll ever hear in a song. Download both songs after the jump.

You’re Already Gone- The Dig

Two Sisters In Love- The Dig

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