Song of the Day: You and Me, Penny and the Quarters

I don’t think I’ve seen a more affecting and raw film in the past year than what I found in Blue Valentine a romantic drama that does not shy from exposing a relationship at both its most earnest and its most raw.  While the soundtrack as a whole is amazing, with great work from indie bands Grizzly Bear as well as the fantastic “In Ear Park” from Department of Eagles, interwoven with the emotional film.

Yet of all things on the fantastic soundtrack, (including a very sweet bare bones ukelele song by Gosling himself) the song that stands out is this beautiful soul number.  Gosling’s character introduces it in the film as their song, and its beautifully worked into the plot to symbolize what’s changed.  It’s a retro number that’s perfectly used to illustrate its timeless beauty, and how the meanings of words can be changed just by feeling. The song after the jump.

You And Me- Penny and the Quarters


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