Davy- Coconut Records

Jason Schwartzman has been an extraordinarily busy man. Yes, he’s the Jason Schwartzman from the likes of Rushmore, The Darjeeling Limited, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, and more recently Bored To Death, one of the funniest and most quirky shows to come out of HBO’s programming.  Despite his heavy acting schedule, he’s also managed to put the time together for two albums, Nighttiming and Davy. In no way is music the lesser of his talents either, putting together gorgeously textured melodies and contributing most of the instruments himself, he is easily comparable to the likes of Paul McCartney and Elliott Smith.  This song, “Courtyard” builds from a simple acoustic production to something more beautiful and ornate, something Elliott Smith might have written had he not passed away.

Download It Here:

Courtyard- Coconut Records 


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