I had first stumbled upon Sonny and the Sunsets when I heard “Too Young To Burn” off of their stunning debut Tomorrow Is Alright, which is showcased rather beautifully here

Sonny & The Sunsets – Too Young To Burn(Unofficial) from Francis Kmiecik on Vimeo.

But Sonny Smith is a man who is not content to rest on his laurels.  In a move that would make even James Franco jealous, Sonny went on to create an 100 Records art exhibition where he proceeded to record only 200 songs for 100 fictional bands, and then made it even more meta by releasing an EP by one of them (Earth Girl Helen Brown) before finally coming around to his real band’s second LP Hit After Hit.  Despite what seems like an absurd amount of production, Smith’s quality has stayed level.  His knack for low-key and laid back songwriting none the worse for wear. On “She Plays YoYo With Mind” enjoy the retro guitar melody and Sonny’s trademark self-effacing smooth vocals.  Enjoy the free download below, along with the song that got me started into this great San Francisco band.

She Plays YoYo With My Mind- Sonny and the Sunsets

Too Young To Burn- Sonny and the Sunsets 


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