The opening act for Blitzen Trapper and Dawes on Friday at Royale was The Belle Brigade, who wowed me with their live act.  A five piece band led by sister and brother Barbara and Ethan Gruska.  When I did a little digging it was of little surprise that their grandfather is none other than musical composer John Williams and from their live performance down to their great harmonies rest assured The Belle Brigade too, has a bright future.

After their performance I had the pleasure of meeting the band as well and they are one of the kindest, most down to earth bands you will ever meet, and I have the signed vinyl (including a heart from Barbara) to prove it. Do yourself a favor and listen to this band.
 Check out the free download of the studio version of “Losers” below, as well as a video of their performance in Philadelphia.

Losers- The Belle Brigade


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