“She’s So Scandalous” off of Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears sophomore LP, Scandalous is a heavy groove that melds a fusion of funk, blues, and a little bit of reggae.  The drumming on this one is phenomenal, a gritty hi-hat and stick-snare shuffle with some dubby reverb, while the bass does a nimble blues groove as this song builds and builds, anchored by the soul shouting of Joe Lewis himself. Based out of Austin, TX, Scandalous was produced by fellow Austinite Jim Eno of Spoon, but this band really knows how to bring the funk.

She’s So Scandalous- Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears

Scandalous was released on Lost Highway Records on March 15th, 2011. You can find the vinyl here and the digital edition on iTunes here 


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