Blitzen Trapper might as well start adding “the hardest working band in showbusiness” to their name. After releasing the fantastic American Goldwing last year and co-headlining a tour with Dawes, just about playing ever SXSW show humanly possible and getting prepped to go on another tour this year, Blitzen Trapper released a 7-inch for Record Store Day 2012 featuring a classic take on “Hey Joe” and “Skirts on Fire” an unreleased song from the American Goldwing sessions.  Here, “Skirts on Fire” sounds like a lost cut off of Grateful Dead’s Workingman’s Dead, a catchy countrified number that deserves to be heard by everyone. So do yourself a favor and pick up the exclusive yellow vinyl (there are only 1800 in circulation) and happy Record Store Day!

Skirts on Fire- Blitzen Trapper 


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