Vacationer’s debut LP Gone is aiming to be a great summer album right down to the Instagram friendly artwork.  Yet what makes it more intriguing is its Generationals meets Pop Etc. (formerly The Morning Benders) sound, a sort of Con Law and Big Echo Part II if you will. On “Everybody Knows”, the album opener, the arrangement is chock full of summer pitched organs, warm guitar lines, vinyl atmosphere, and a hip-hop beat and vocals that veer from Vampire Weekend prep to surprising Beach Boys harmony. It’s not even far of a stretch to say that this could have been a single on The Avalanches’ Since I Left You album. Also check out the album’s title track “Gone” which builds off of some catchy percussion and features some blissful harmonies.

Everybody Knows- Vacationer
Gone- Vacationer

Listen If You Like: The Generationals, The Morning Benders, Vampire Weekend, The Beach Boys, The Avalanches


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