In a time of retromania, Nick Waterhouse has the scene on lockdown, both updating the rocker with glasses look of Buddy Holly and the dapper sartorial style of Mad Men, Waterhouse’s debut LP Time’s All Gone echoes the early 60’s music scene not only with it’s classic album cover style, but with the gritty blown-out R&B concoction that made parents worry about the sexual willies of rock & roll.  Waterhouse doesn’t care if you decide to film from the waist-up though, he’s a man’s man, the one who steers away from clear liquors and revels in dark bars and whiskey shots straight up. For every part that Mayer Hawthorne is evoking he clean cut soul of Smokey Robinson, Waterhouse focuses on the dirty fuzz of R&B that the Rolling Stones called home, and at the ripe young age of 25, he’s only just getting started. “Indian Love Call” has that old school swagger straight from the start, the uplifting guitar, the cooing background vocals, the sabulous sax and a dark live sound. Be sure to check out his album opener, “Say I Wanna Know” as well.

 Indian Love Call- Nick Waterhouse

Say I Wanna Know- Nick Waterhouse

Time’s All Gone was released on Innovative Leisure Records on May 1st, 2012. You can buy the physical copy (both CD and Vinyl) here and find the digital version on iTunes here

You can find Nick Waterhouse on Facebook here and follow him on Twitter @nickwaterhouse


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