Elvis Costello’s debut album My Aim Is True sounds as visceral now as it did in 1977. Equally due to both strong songwriting by Costello and subtle production by Nick Lowe, songs from the album like “Alison” “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes”, “Less Than Zero” and “Watching The Detectives” have all become classic rock staples.  Yet for all the rock criticism that focuses (deservedly) on Costello’s cynical and smart lyricism, a New-Wave/Punk Randy Newman if you will, many don’t emphasize that My Aim Is True is just chock full of powerful and catchy melodies.

Following the devastating “Alison”, “Sneaky Feelings” features quite a hook and replete with nice backing harmonies and a swaggering Costello putting on his best Van Morrison impression trying to deal with being in love. A great song off of a great album. Also check out the excellent album opener “Welcome To The Working Week” which packs a Beach Boys homage and some powerful pop-punk into its under 1:30 run time.

Sneaky Feelings – Elvis Costello 

Welcome To The Working Week –  Elvis Costello 


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