“You Take Me As I Am”, Stornoway

Stornoway is a group out of Oxford, England that first made waves with their 2010 debut Beachcombers Windowsill, a folksy, idiosyncratic equivalent to the more electric Arctic Monkeys.  Their new album Tales From Terra Firma, slated for a March 19th release in the United States is not so much a stylistic change as it is a sonic evolution with absolutely stunning and daring arrangement choices that spring them out of the British folksy Mumford and Sons pack.  That the album was recorded in a modest campervan makes the results all the more impressive. “You Take Me As I Am”, the first track on the new album is a propulsive anthem that transforms a narrative about a nascent marriage into an epic synonymous with the power of love.  Fueled by an energetic acoustic guitar backbeat, the arrangement whirls with organs and brass and a dynamic drum line. One of the better tracks to come out this year. Also as a bonus, I’m including “When You Touch Down From Outer Space” a track they recorded during Pitchfork’s Music Festival in Paris as a Takeaway Show with La Blogotheque. 

You Take Me As I Am

When You Touch Down From Outer Space (Takeaway Show)

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