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“Mamunia”, Paul McCartney & Wings, Band on the Run

Unlike Paul Simon, Paul McCartney never had a Graceland moment.  Perhaps there’s some psycho-cultural reasoning behind it all, but perhaps the idea that McCartney always had a kaleidoscopic melange of musical influences suits it best.  Yet Band on the Run has a significant backstory as “the one McCartney recorded in Africa”.  However the location of Lagos, Nigeria, was more on […]

Review: Modern Vampires Of The City, Vampire Weekend

I tried to hate Vampire Weekend. Like many, I found their twee/hyper-literate sensibilities a little too gratingly self-aware.  They would know of mansard roofs, kwassa-kwassa, and Oxford commas. Yet it’s truly hard to absolutely fault a band for their background. So what if they had graduated from Columbia?  Certainly abstract ideas and world influenced rhythms had […]

Album Review: Stories Don’t End, Dawes

Dawes is not a group of ingenue folksters, trying to chase the Mumford & Sons bandwagon until it inevitably crashes into the WOMP-WOMP of bullshit dub-step. Yet they too have been cast into the sepia-toned “revivalist Americana” bandwagon because– to many– music is sounds and opinions, and Dawes sounded like CSNY, The Eagles, and Jackson […]

“The Weight”, Mikal Cronin, MCII

Best known for his collaborations with modern day Marc Bolanite, Ty Segall, Mikal Cronin is starting to carve a name for himself with his own homage to the music of old.  His debut 2011 LP, Mikal Cronin, was a home-spun affair, a psych-garage rock album that brought the roll back in rock.   This time around […]

“You Take Me As I Am”, Stornoway

Stornoway is a group out of Oxford, England that first made waves with their 2010 debut Beachcombers Windowsill, a folksy, idiosyncratic equivalent to the more electric Arctic Monkeys.  Their new album Tales From Terra Firma, slated for a March 19th release in the United States is not so much a stylistic change as it is a sonic […]