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“Hopeful”, Josh Ritter

“I’ve seen her around now with someone new I don’t know, She likes green-eyed boys that are haloed in hope, but I know the look in his eyes and I know all the old signs, just a couple of curves before his own road unwinds.” Josh Ritter just released The Beast In Its Tracks, an album […]

Classic Albums: Revolver, The Beatles (1966)

One….Two….Three…Four…One…Two   It was April of 1966, and like Bob Dylan sang, “The times, they are a changin’.”  Dylan himself had just gone electric, The Vietnam war was expanding, and along with it, numerous counter-culture movements among the youth.  The Beatles had released their first “adult” album, Rubber Soul, barely five months prior, with music […]

Band To Watch: Hiatus Kaiyote, Profiled

I’m not quite sure what first brought me to Hiatus Kiayote’s Tawk Tomahawk when I first wrote about “Nakamarra” last spring but I knew on the ingenuity of that song alone that they had something special.  We’re lucky to live in a world that defies a vacuum, that immense influences and cultures combine instantly in the world […]

Best Albums of 2012: Big Inner, Matthew E. White

Label: Spacebomb/HometapesReleased: August 21, 2012 While a lot of precious music review word counts were wasted talking about the unique weird vibes of Grimes and DIIV and whatever fill-in-the-blank electronic gobbledegook artist Pitchfork was digging at the moment, talking about atypical amalgamations of “beautiful” noise that was humanity’s attempt at approximating what it would sound […]

Best Albums of 2012: Maraqopa, Damien Jurado

Label: Secretly Canadian Released: February 21st, 2012 Listen: Museum of Flight, Working Titles Few albums, let alone albums released this year, could boast the intimate yet grand production found on the temporal and geographical shift of Maraqopa. Though best categorized in the vein of singer-songwriter affairs, Jurado avoids the vogue of plaintive acoustic guitar backed by hushed […]

Best Albums of 2012: Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now, Justin Townes Earle

Best Album: Country Edition Justin Townes Earle, Nothing’s Gonna Change The Way You Feel About Me Now Bloodshot Records Released March 27th, 2012 Perhaps a spur of motivation to take the longest album title throne from Fiona Apple (who still requires more … than a reviewer should ever include in an album title), Justin Townes Earle’s latest […]