Few bands can match the Americana spirit that lies within Portland, OR based Blitzen Trapper and their 2011 release, American Goldwing is one of the finest examples of their homage to the American Dream. More specifically, it’s about constant motion, escape, always searching for something better. Here on “Astronaut” the 8th song on the 11 track album, we find the band at their unique best with some George Harrison meets Jerry Garcia guitar breaks, some beatle-esque harmonies and a lovely song overall.

Check out the beautiful description of how the album came to be by the ever-humble frontman, Eric Earley, here .

Astronaut- Blitzen Trapper 

With thanks to Sup Pop Records and Blitzen Trapper, here’s their new video for their second released song from their upcoming album American Goldwing.  I love the album already and I can’t wait to see these guys play live in October.