Today in wish-fulfillment, here’s the third song off of Islands most recent release A Sleep & A Forgetting “Never Go Solo” which pretty much (ironically) sounds like a Beatles reunion.  With Lennonesque lyrics and piano lines and a McCartney styled melody, it’s one of my favorite songs of the year.

Grab the vinyl from their label ANTI-Records and find the digital version on iTunes

Never Go Solo- Islands 

I’ll be the first to admit I slept on Islands first two LP’s Return to the Sea and Arm’s Way but I happily stumbled upon Vapours the other day (yes that is indeed the charming British way of spelling vapor) and to my surprise I found this little gem as the title track no less.  

To be clear, Islands aren’t usually the type to do a standard rock number but it works well here, with a rhythm guitar and bass groove that would have found itself happily on any Talking Heads number, while the vocals run something near The Strokes, if only slightly more discernable.  Enjoy the music and right click the link below if you feel like downloading it.

Vapours- Islands