Song of the Day: Natalie Prass – Short Court Style


Natalie Prass switches gears on her first single from her upcoming LP, The Future and The Past

On an earlier edition of these pages I wrote about the incredible work that Matthew E. White had done with his debut record, Big Inner. Both his knack for rich analog production, and the wonderful house band at Spacebomb Records in Richmond, Virginia elevated the record into rarefied territory. The result was resplendent, with well-crafted songwriting polished by incredible detail.

It was no surprise then that White continued to do great work, taking a more pronounced role behind the boards  on the debut self-titled record from Natalie Prass, Natalie Prass. That record received a lot of high praise, with production that sounded like Randy Newman and Curtis Mayfield had produced Dusty in Memphis.

That was nearly three years ago, and its a testament to both Big Inner and Natalie Prass that they still hold up, with more details to unpack with every new listen. The Spacebomb Records crew continues to impress, especially on this latest cut from Natalie Prass’ upcoming record, “Short Court Style.”

This stylish 70s meets 90s rave-up is a different direction for Prass and the Spacebomb band, more reminiscent of Feist at her best in the early 00s and a good study in giving a song the time to develop into something beyond its initial framework. And yeah, that bass and guitar work is incredible.

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