Maybe you’ve heard the Fruit Bats before, but in case you haven’t, try this game on for size. Step 1) Find a friend who likes The Shins, but isn’t obsessed, Step 2) Play this record, Step 3) Enjoy while friend tries to find these songs on iTunes from the Shins and instead finds the disappointing Port of Morrow album. Fun right?  Nevertheless, Fruit Bats have been a band that constantly flies under the radar with a similar sound to The Shins. Eric Johnson also majored in 18th century literature, so there’s that. Surprisingly enough for an English major with that small niche, Fruit Bats aren’t afraid of pop culture in writing, like the off the cuff mention of “Raspberry Beret” during this beautiful song “The Earthquake of ‘73”. Johnson is a man who loves the 70’s songwriting style but has the melodic sensibility of more modern music. It’s a sneaky little love song, but perhaps I shouldn’t say more. I’m also putting in “Lives of Crime” the album opener on Spelled In Bones.

The Earthquake of ’73- Fruit Bats 

Lives of Crime- Fruit Bats

Listen If You Like: The Shins, Michael Cera movies, Acoustic Guitars, 70’s Singer Songwriters, Lennon-esque vocals, People who have degrees in Literature, Pop Culture References