The Beginning (After the end)

To say that I’ve been pretty unlucky all my life would fall under a couple of things.

a.) Lies

b.) Damn Lies

c.) Statistics

d.) bitchy

e.) general conceit and self denial

Whatever, I’m usually a good guy and don’t really care about luck.  What I do like though is music; music, music, music, i could listen all day.  Being as I had the head start at the age of 6 to be obsessed with a band (The Beatles) I have since become the type that has to digest all listenable types of music (Read as not including Mariah Carey or anyone on the Top 40 charts) to be satisfied.  A music connoisseur through and through.  Anyways i don’t know what else to talk about right now. So I’ll leave you with

Tracks to Give A Listen

1.  One World (Not Three)- The Police, off of Ghosts in the Machine

Even as The Police got more complex, and started to fight more often, they still knew how to make a pop song.  Many of the more “music purists” liked to say how good The Police were at their respective instruments.  Well here is a gold mine, if you think Stewart Copeland’s drumming on Walking on the Moon was insane, this would justly qualify as Copeland on crack

another copeland on crack moment, with andy summers in high pursuit:

Hidden Gem of the Day: 

Cleanup Time- John Lennon, off of Double Fantasy

Yes, we know Yoko’s contributions to the album make you not wish to dig through it, but tucked into the middle of the album is this gem.  So many people are willing to go up in arms talking about how peaceful he was or how great of a lyricist he was etc etc.  What I love about this, and many other Lennon songs is the absolutely excellent 70’s sound he achieved.  While the majority of 70’s sound was decked in absolute cheese, he managed to mix the prominent lead guitar, horns, and crystal clear drums into a thing of immoral beauty.  You know it ain’t supposed to be like this, but its too damn good to give up.

If you like the gem:

Too Many Cooks (Spoil the Soup)- Mick Jagger

Heres more of that grimy 70’s sound, with John Lennon producing, excellent track


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