Note to the Readers:  This was done as an English assignment, so don’t worry I’m not some pompous prick who feels like everyone should know what happened in my life and what i considered important, however i do try to make it as exciting as possible and hope that you will enjoy it

Thematically Important:

The Beginning of Everything– The Big Bang, God’s Creation Time, whatever you want to call it.  Why is it here? Well we wouldn’t really be here if this didn’t happen.  

February 9th, 1964–  The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show to 73 million viewers in America.  Newspapers call them a fad a day later…well we know otherwiseAbbey Road Album Cover

September 26th, 1969–  Abbey Road is released, pretty much the most timeless album ever.  I dare someone to prove otherwise.

Then-1989– Bunch of historical stuff happens, if you really care for it, read a history book.

My Life:

yes a fetus, presumably i looked like this at sometime

January 23-25, 1989–  One of these nights my parents (hopefully both) were in the mood.  If this didn’t happen, I wouldn’t be here

October 25, 1989–  I came into the world.  My mother likes to say that I didn’t cry at all but the jury is still out on whether that was an urban legend.

oh did I mention i had a sister born before me, oh well, I’m not giving out my family’s information, creeps

Sometime in 1990– The Willett clan moves from Natick, MA to Sherborn, MA 01760 to 01770, coincidence? I think not.

July 29th, 1991-November 23, 1993– Two more kids are added to the family, the third one is fine, I wish we could return the fourth.

December, 1993– We move into the second Sherborn house, the house we live in now. 

Thanksgiving, 1994–  My first band I remember listening to and being a fan of is not actually The Beatles, (feel free to express your shock) but Jimmy Cliff and the album wasThe Harder They Come

1995–  I start listening to The Beatles.  I remember waking up as early as 6:00 in the morning, taking my mom’s boombox and playing their Red Album.  Further listening spawns obsession, and as Britney Spears and the Spice Girls begin to hit the market I cling to The Beatles.  We know who won that one

also known as Greatest Hits 1962-66

1997– My mom and dad divorce, I didn’t really care that much. maybe because i was like 8. The school was worried though, this is the first, and the last time i ever step foot into a guidance office for reasons other than obligatory schedule planning.

September 6th, 1997–  Princess Diana’s funeral. I didn’t really seem aware of the significance but I still can remember it as being the first time my dad allowed a television into his new house (It was portable). This is the first time there is a TV in any part of the Willett-Glen household.


1998–  I start taking lessons on the bass guitar, the start of a music lessons journey that will lead from bass guitar to mirambas to drums to the bass guitar again and finally coming to an end at the electric guitar.


January 1st, 1999-January 1st 2000–  I remember people were freaking out about Y2K actually being a threat. My dad takes us kids to First Night in Boston.  I guess because it was the new millennium and all the ceremonies were extra spectacular, but this also happens to be the first New Year’s Eve I remember, i guess none of them were that good before.

Their logo

2001–  I join USA Swimming as a member of the Shawmut Aquatic Club.  This is when I actually get good at swimming (yes excuse my modesty).  Unfortunately being good at swimming means you also start to hate it because you realize its really boring and takes time.

July 2001– My grandfather dies at 72.  This is the first real death I remember that happened in my family while I was a part of it.  He was a cool guy who probably had the best clams you’d ever eat on Martha’s Vineyard.  He worked as a member of United Press International (think Associated Press) and was one of the first reporters on the scene of the Munich Tragedy.  The story goes he snuck in to the complex pretending he was an athlete, one of his proudest accomplishments. Here is his obituary 

Aaron Fucking Boone

October 16, 2003–  I remember going into a coma like state after watching Aaron Fucking Boone hit a home run off of Tim Wakefield. How random was this? Tim Wakefield was un-hittable during this series and Aaron Boone had the worst average of all the Yankees in that series, and he hits the one that wins it. Typical Red Sox luck.

January 1st, 2004– At the young age of 14 I am diagnosed with Type I Juvenile Diabetes mellitus.  Until this moment sugar free had not entered my vocabulary and my life seemed limitless.  It’s amazing how everything can change just like that.  However it did seem like a good trade because


October 27, 2004– The Red Sox win the World Series, hell I enjoyed every minute of it, seems like the Red Sox haven’t really looked back ever since.

February, 2008–  After swimming for 7 years for Shawmut, I decided it was time to move on to focus on the life ahead 

May 23rd, 2008– Yeah I know it hasn’t happened yet, but how could being done with high school not be important.

Thats it for now, So long.




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