A New Art of the Mixtape Series: Dancin’ with Dabrowski

This week I am proud to feature a guest series, Dancing with Dabrowski, a college DJ and a music intern, John makes it his business finding bands on the up and up for the indie crowd.  At this moment he may or may not be doing one of the following things; traveling Europe, going to a concert for an upstart new band, DJing, or working at Sony.  His post after the jump.

I have my summer skin securely on. I can hear the buzz of my neighbor’s lawn mower from my window, and the skies of Jersey seem, for now, bluer and clearer than ever. What this scene needs though is a soundtrack. I have a few songs that will (hopefully) accent your summer adventures, make outs, joyrides, fall outs, and everything in between. Take the plunge into new sounds.

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed

Their latest effort since 2006, Breakneck Speed is the first single off their album, Champ, and from the first moments of arrival, the song makes me want to jump out of this chair, and dance awkwardly in my room. Yet it is 9:16 AM, and it is too early for that. When Dave Monks exclaims “it’s good to be back,” I feel it. It’s so good to have TPC back and better than ever.

Tokyo Police Club – Breakneck Speed
Pure Ecstacy – Easy

This song could fit in that “chillwave” genre every blog has dissected, explored, and tormented, yet it goes beyond this – the song seemingly washes over my skin, and I feel baptized by the summer gods of Pure Ecstacy. Truly remarkable.

Pure Ecstacy- Easy

Two Door Cinema Club – This Is The Life

I just recently discovered Two Door Cinema Club from a mix my friend made me. Best gift ever. “This Is The Life” holds all that is good with summer – the breezy, carefree nature, the sudden joy and pop in your step, and the shiny and bright nature of everything around.

Two Door Cinema Club- This is the Life
Turbo Fruits – Naked With You

The sunniest song on my iTunes, and the most straightforward – “I want to be naked, naked with you.” Turbo Fruits really made the ballad for our summer endeavors.

Turbo Fruits- Naked With You

The Drums – Let’s Go Surfing

I can’t surf. I am nowhere near the shore. I want to go surfing now, and I must tell my momma. This song definitely has a throwback vibe, and it feels good. Listen to this track and bounce around in its beautiful melodies. Catch that wave.

The Drums- Let’s Go Surfing

Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Our Younger Noise

This is for the quiet moments in your summer, where the sky has just turned purple, and you can hear the cicadas cry, and you are completely enraptured with someone. It’s so beautiful that any description really doesn’t give it justice. Take a deep breath, and listen.

Letting Up Despite Great Faults- Our Younger Noise

Gogol Bordello – Rebellious Love

I just started my internship with Sony Music/Red Music Distribution, and I am working on a project involving Gogol Bordello. “Rebellious Love” is off his latest album, and this song is something you and your friends can belt out in the car. It’s jumpy, loud, and in your face. The vocals are raspy and raw, and you really get thrown into the song, especially when the group vocals chime in. Not for everyone, but you can’t deny the fun palpable on this track.

Gorgol Bordello- Rebellious Love
The Love Language – Lalita

Click play. Digest the first few seconds. How into this song are you right now? It’s so bold that when you reach the chorus, you feel the happiness ride over your skin. When I first heard this track from these North Carolina natives, I couldn’t tell you how big my smile was, and how my feet seemingly lifted off the floor.

The Love Language- Lalita
Oberhofer – Landline

I am obsessed with this NYU juncture called Oberhofer. “Landline” has so many fun “ooohhhs” that I love to belt out in my room. It really has been my go-to song for all my summer mixes and hopefully, it will find a place in yours.

Oberhofer- Landline
Sleigh Bells – Ring Ring

M.I.A. approved Sleigh Bells are a force in the music blog world already, and it’s not surprising. With songs like “Ring Ring” that have infectious finger snaps and solid vocals, Sleigh Bells will be a staple in your iTunes collection. I saw Sleigh Bells live with Yeasayer, and believe me, it’s even more dynamic and catchy live. Go check out their album, Treats.

Sleigh Bells- Ring Ring
Enjoy these ten killer tracks. Let me know if they inspire your summer debauchery.



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