Mixtape Monday Presents: Keeping the Light On

Get ready for another thrilling Mixtape Monday presentation.  This time around I have a lot of goodies ranging from new indie acts to some great collaborations and some little known older stuff.  As always the stuff on the site is free and available for download (just a right click and save target/ link as) but if you enjoy the music, please support the artists involved.  The full mix after the jump.

1. Vaporize- Broken Bells

Broken Bells is the mega publicized super-group of James Mercer and DJ Dangermouse (the super producer behind everything from The Grey Album, Gnarls Barkley, Attack and Release, and many more).  James Mercer is of course the lead singer of indie darlings The Shins. “Vaporize” starts with a rhythmic jangling acoustic guitar and solo vocal before bursting into a shot of Northern Soul, organ and all.

Vaporize- Broken Bells

2. Spinning Away- Brian Eno & John Cale

Yet another collaboration of super-producer and music legend “Spinning Away” starts out with a faint similarity to The Cure’s “Just Like Heaven”.  The production here is fantastic, a combination of bright guitar, a beat machine, 80’s reverbed vocals and a live string section in the bridge.

Spinning Away- Brian Eno & John Cale

3. Elevator Music- Beck

Beck is no stranger to unique sonic atmospheres and bringing together organic and electric instrumentation. In those above terms “Elevator Music” is one of his lesser known best.

Elevator Music- Beck

4. Fuck You- Cee-Lo Green

The ingenuity of this track isn’t its title, but how Green crafts a downright funky gospel groove with the chorus line profanity as heart-felt as any crooner’s I love you.

Fuck You- Cee-Lo Green

5. Art- Louque

While this band may never find the recognition it deserves, this song is a true Citizen Cope-esque gem that deserves a greater audience.

Art- Louque

6. Somehow to Keep It Going- Cotton Jones

Cotton Jones has become a master of the atmospheric rock that Beck brought into prominence.

Somehow To Keep It Going- Cotton Jones

7.  Shuffle Your Feet- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Down and dirty nitty-gritty blues, brought to you by a band with a worthy enough name to do the job.

Shuffle Your Feet- Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

8. Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me Now- Juston Stens

Retro-Motown sound at its best.

Don’t Stop Lovin’ Me Now- Juston Stens

9.  Run From The Gun- Dead Confederate

A nice little track from a little known band.

Run From The Gun- Dead Confederate

10. Sexx Laws- Beck

In this no-holds barred arrangement filled with banjos horns and electronic sounds galore, the real story here is the pumping rhythm section.

Sexx Laws- Beck

11. Oh! Tonight- Rosewood Thieves

The Rosewood Thieves combine an Americana lyrical narrative with vocals similar to rock legends John Lennon and Bob Dylan. A band whose output deserves much more attention than they’ve been given.

Oh! Tonight- The Rosewood Thieves

12. The Dead Dog- Portugal. The Man

The strange syntax that is Portugal. The Man came out with a great album a little while back called The Satanic Satanist.  This follow-up American Ghetto proves to be all that and more and this number features a great back-beat and great guitar work, think a more psychedelic Black Keys.

The Dead Dog- Portugal. The Man

13. Mixed Bizness- Beck

Beck is at his crazy best in this frenetic paced little funk groove.

Mixed Bizness- Beck

14. Keeping The Faith- Billy Joel

This little known Billy Joel song features some of his most sincere and soaring vocals and a nice little reggae back beat.

Keeping the Faith- Billy Joel

15.  The Tale of Gustav Grimes- The Rosewood Thieves

The hands down heir apparent of Mean Mr. Mustard.

The Tale of Gustav Grimes- The Rosewood Thieves

16. Lonely Lonely Night- Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang

Not even Brian Wilson could have come up with a melody this beautiful and an arrangement so beautifully crafted.

Lonely Lonely Night- Juston Stens and The Get Real Gang

17. Burning Hell- Tom Jones

In just this one barn burning number, a John Lee Hooker cover, Tom Jones gains the respect as a rocker that he never had in his crooning days.

Burning Hell- Tom Jones

18. Hard Enough- Brandon Flowers & Jenny Lewis

The former Killers front man bears an eerie similarity to a young Springsteen both in its Born in the U.S.A. arrangement and his gruff vocal delivery.

Hard Enough (Feat. Jenny Lewis)- Brandon Flowers

19. Wide Eyes- Local Natives

It wouldn’t be hard to compare Local Natives to Dispatch, all the members multi-instrumentalists who craft intricate rhythms and tight vocal harmonies, but yet there is something intriguingly refreshing about them, and although they have only released their great debut Gorilla Manor, they sound like they’re a veteran band.

Wide Eyes- Local Natives

20. The Hypnotist- Sonny & the Sunsets

An eerie flute opens this beautifully thumb-picked lo-fi acoustic song, filled with heart-warming vocals, a great end of the day song.

The Hypnotist- Sonny & the Sunsets


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