Beatles For Sale- The Beatles

When it comes to ranking Beatles albums, everyone (I included) seems to give Beatles For Sale a blind eye, perhaps due to the dearth of originals on it, the fact that it wasn’t released as an album until the CD remasters in 1987 and that it came between two great albums A Hard Day’s Night and Help!. However two of their best songs start the album, "No Reply" and “I’m A Loser” which finds Lennon at his early peak as a songwriter, both charismatic and insecure, and quite capable of making a great melody.  Despite all the hoopla that always surrounds the sound quality of any recording by The Beatles, early or otherwise, these two are recorded to perfection and are fine examples of The Beatles already perfecting the pop songwriting form.

Download Them Here:

No Reply- The Beatles

I’m A Loser- The Beatles


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