“And in my constant quest for truth
I am condemned to facts alone
And though my dreams all lead me nowhere
I won’t forget my way back home”

Dawes, led by brothers Taylor (guitar, vocals) and Griffin Goldsmith (drums) has a great thing going for them.  Taking the best from their local forebears, Dawes brings to mind the close harmonies of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young as well as the simple rock instrumentation of The Eagles, coalescing into a tight-knit roots rock group who are unabashed in their love of Americana. If you haven’t heard their debut North Hills yet, I suggest you do because their new LP, Nothing Is Wrong is as much of a partner to it as it is a counterpoint. “My Way Back Home” is a song written about the road, something the ever-touring Dawes has a lot to contribute to.  Yet it’s to Goldsmith’s credit that the songs here sound incredibly intimate despite their new fuller sound.  Ever the modest man, Goldsmith claims its due to writing on a typewriter, an instrument he feels makes every word have to count, no emotions out of place.  And a powerful feeling it is.

Download It Here:

My Way Back Home- Dawes

Special Bonus Download:

Coming Back To A Man- Dawes 


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