This Massachusetts born and Brooklyn based songwriter has quite the story, going from painting murals in wealthy New Yorker’s apartments to making a stunning debut before teaming up with a new band called Here We Go Magic and releasing a self titled record and more recently Pigeons in 2010.  Yet his latest release Don’t Act Like You Don’t Care  has a stunning retro and intimate quality to it, helped by his trusty old 4-track and some wonderful production values. Here, on “More Than Muscle” his lyrical and musical talent is at full swing with a melody line that is so catchy it is beguiling.  

What’s that you say? You’ve heard of Luke Temple?? Really??? Well congratulations hipster, now go celebrate with your PBR and Parliament’s, preferably to this retro blissed fuzz kissed number that has enough syncopation to stop you in your tracks.  If you like it enough that you want it bad, right click on the link below, and buy the damn album.

More Than Muscle- Luke Temple


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