Sometimes, making it big really is a crapshoot. Whereas Foster The People had their incredibly famous and catchy “Pumped Up Kicks” wrapped in a melodic little package while the lyrics were somewhat…subversive (written by a down on his luck jingle-writer no less), Philadelphia’s Cheers Elephant writes some of the best melodies this side of indie psych-pop with equally loud personalities, and they’re pretty much unknown. So its even more to their credit that they doubled down and offered their latest LP Like Wind Blows Fire on Bandcamp for a name your own price kind of deal. While poor college folk (like me) might be happy to trade their email information for a chance at some free musical goods, it gives the consumer the option to pay what they feel the band deserves and end up giving more to the band (Bandcamp takes less of a percentage than iTunes) than your regular 9.99 on iTunes deal. For a taste, check out the charming and highly melodic “Peoples”, the album opener, which starts with some toe-tapping call and response before it takes off into the catchy hook stratosphere. I wanna groove indeed.

Peoples- Cheers Elephant 

Check out their website and head on over to Bandcamp to grab Like Wind Blows Fire and be a good sport and buy their other albums too. You’ll be glad you did

LIYL: Foster The People, Free Energy, Bombay Bicycle Club

Mixtape Monday: Dustin’ Off My Dostoevsky

In all the hustle and bustle of last weeks midterms I didn’t get around to it but never fear, Heeerees your new Mixtape Monday!

This week features some stone cold and semi forgotten classics from the likes of; The Rolling Stones, The Allman Brothers, Jimi Hendrix, Albert King, and The Beatles.  Served up with a side dish of relative unknowns; Jason Collett, Powderfinger, Ha Ha Tonka, Sara Jaffe, and Cults with some solid indie acts to top it off; Spoon, Dr. Dog, and Elliot Smith.  Dig In. As always you can listen to the full track free below the description, and if you like it, just right click on the link above and download it.  If you like what you hear, support the bands

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