Blake Mills Break Mirrors

"I never tell her when she's played a song I never heard 
because I always learn the music and forget the words"

Genius in simplicity.  There’s a reason why music can be awfully transcendent at it’s most simple.  Blake Mills defines it, in this two chord run that manages to fit a grand narrative of hope and damning insecurity within a man who’s in love.  Even as a man who has built a solid reputation as a dynamic guitarist backing the likes of Lucinda Williams and others, he and his 2010 debut Break Mirrors has flown under the radar.  This version of “Hey Lover” from his recordings with Daytrotter, finds him at his most dynamic, raucous and understated, check it out.

Download It Here:

Hey Lover (Daytrotter Version)- Blake Mills 

Song of the Day (With a Bonus Track): Wintersong, Blake Mills

“Early in the year feeling/ fade away/ something has clearly gone today/ dont know what i can do but i know /i know/ i know/ its the worst thing to put you in a song/ as the words come i know that it was wrong/ early in the evening but i know/ i know/ i know”

“Wintersong” is one of those hushed and wistful tunes that makes one reminisce about times gone by. Blake Mills showcases his talent as an artist here, anchoring the song with some great acoustic production and strong vocals and just when you think you’ve got the whole song figured out he brings it into Fleetwood Mac Rumours territory with some great back and forth with an unknown female vocalist.  A perfect heartwarming song for those cold spring nights. The free download after the jump, plus a great live bonus track.

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