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Just a sketch of those wistful Sunday afternoon blues for a chilly day in NYC, let me know what you think! Tell Me- Hugh Willett 

Let me know what you think of this little number. I was going for a old soul vibe, the kind of feeling that’s meant for the late evening, early morning hours where the night gets the best of you.  I Just Want Someone (To Hold Me)- Hugh Willett 

Yes I know, shameless self promotion is back in full force.  "Sin" by yours truly was a happy accident.  I had tuned my guitar to Open E so I could play slide (it is a resonator after all) but I couldn’t find any object in my room that would cooperate for the desired effect.  When […]

I’m not one to usually promote my own songwriting, but I was comfortable enough with this song to share it with everybody I knew, which is a first for me in many respects.  Songwriting is a real interesting art, sometimes it comes spur of the moment, like the melody, and sometimes it’s truly informed by […]