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Quick Hits: “Buck”, Nina Simone Sings The Blues (1967)

  Buck – Nina Simone “Buck” is a strange entry into Nina Simone’s oeuvre, a booming beat floors a cyclical riff that dances around Simone’s trance-like vocal and wraps things up in a hasty 1:50. The whole album is worth tracking down, a gritty affair with simple accompaniment.  That’s Bernard “Pretty” Purdie, session drummer extraordinaire, […]

“Big Love”, Matthew E. White

Label: Hometapes (released August 21, 2012) Big Inner is by far one of the more intriguing debut albums to come out this year: it’s equal parts experimental Beck, cynical Randy Newman, brooding The National and Big Easy celebrating Allen Toussaint.  "Big Love" grooves with a percolating bass line and a fantastic jazzy piano hook that could have […]