Snakes, Neighbors, and A Good Kind of Crazy: A Mixtape

It’s been far too long since I’ve done a Mixtape and far too long since I’ve updated the site in general so enjoy this latest mixtape packed full of  both old and new, some classics, some you never will have heard of…all of it good. So sit back, relax, get that right-clicking hand ready and enjoy the full mix after the jump.

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Mixtape Vibes

Here is a mixtape for you all

Wild Mountain Nation- Blitzen Trapper

I had never really heard these guys before, but my stepbrother recommended them and i was surprised to find they are actually very good.  Wild Mountain Nation feels like Grateful Dead meets Southern Fried rock and what a combination.

This Is My Country- The Impressions

I don’t think its possible for these guys to make a sad sounding melody, everything they touch is uplifting and the lyrics are always powerful.

Teenagers- Department of Eagles

Department of Eagles came to my attention through the use of, a great source for finding songs online if you don’t torrent,  the production is magnificent and their sound is utterly unique.

Saturday Nite- Blitzen Trapper

Another upbeat track from this band, but the production and arrangement is completely different, just goes to show how much range this band has.  Saturday Nite has flashes of Spoon, Grateful Dead, and the Doors, and some great instrumentation.

Saint John-  Cold War Kids

Another great and upcoming band. Saint John comes across as a White Stripes kind of groove, dirty and catchy and the singer falls in between Jack White and Freddie Mercury.  Some great harmonies here

Relax- G. Love and Special Sauce

Known mostly for their hip hop-blues vibe, I have always thought that G. Love put alot of time into the production of his songs.  Relax is one of the most chill songs I have heard, perfect for those otherworldly times you might be having.

Race You- Elizabeth & the Catapult

Another band found from searching around random music blogs, if you like Fiest or her first band Broken Social Scene this song is for you, very clean production and a very catchy melody.

No One Does It Like You- Department of Eagles

Catchy as all hell, great harmonies, the kind of song for those people who dig Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes but the production is otherworldly, an amalgamtion that is completely original and familiar at the same time.

Mighty Mighty (Spade and Whitey)- The Impressions

For a studio produced track its got a great live sound to it.  The best of the Impressions sound is on showcase, great harmonies, great groove, great horn lines and as always powerful lyrics.

Loving Me- G. Love & Special Sauce

For all of his professed love for the hip-hop blues, G. Love also is an accomplished acoustic guitarist and when he strips it down his lyrics really shine.

In Ear Park- Department of Eagles

Yes i know, three songs by the same band, but I dare you to find a song as otherworldy and utterly beautiful as this.

Hang Me Up to Dry- Cold War Kids

Catchy hook, great groove, gritty sound, gotta love those Cold War Kids.

Gimme Some Lovin’- G. Love & Special Sauce

Another great acoustic song by Mr. G. Love

Furr- Blitzen Trapper

Greatest song you will hear about a boy being raised by wolves, and falling in love with a girl, only to return to the wild.  The singer has an eerie Elliot Smith meets Nick Drake quality.  Some great production on this track

Front Porch Lounger- G. Love & Special Sauce

There is no one better than G. Love at the laid back groove.  The song isn’t trying to be deep, it’s just there for you to chill out to, great guitar hook.

Feelin Alright- 6680 Lexington

Most people know this song from Joe Cocker’s very popular version.  I dare say this one is better

A Burden- Horse Feathers

Great instrumentation on this track, otherworldly duet between fiddle and guitar.

Black River Killer- Blitzen Trapper

A Johnny Cash delivery with Bob Dylan like lyrics and modern touches here and there throughout, this band has no limits.

Can’t Go Back to Jersey-  G. Love and Special Sauce

Just a fun track and a great one to end on, the story is great and so is the bass and piano interplay and the harmonica line is unforgettable.